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Darrel Mason 


Darrel Mason was raised in a Christian home by his mother; his dad  died of a blood clot when Darrel was nine years old. Darrel attended New Mexico Military Institute graduating in the top ten percent of his class. Later in life the Holy Spirit poured out writings and blessings on a man totally undeserving of God’s grace. But God being all merciful gave Darrel what he didn’t deserve and could never earn: God’s love, grace, and the very Spirit of Jesus himself. Having been healed by God of a life threatening illness, after having been given six months to live, Darrel has a powerful testimony of deliverance and healing. Darrel has written three books Free Inside, Walking through the Fire, and Into the Lion's Den.  


Darrel is the founder, pastor, and a board member of Fury of Faith Ministries.


Elizabeth Mason  


Elizabeth Rubin Viaje-Mason was born in Quezon City,
Philippines. She studied BS Journalism in Lyceum of
the Philippines in Manila.  She worked for thirteen
years in a Christian organization as the sponsorship
assistant, assistant to the Editor and eventually as
the Editor. 
Beth is now busy with her ministry in her local
congregation in the Philippines.She is a local missionary as
well as one of the trainers for new missionaries.  She
travels all around the Philippines as part of a
missions team named, Isa.61.  Cavite City Missions Team
which aims to encourage the body of Christ and train
and equip them.  

Beth is also the Sponsorship Administrator for FOFM in the Philippines.

Kevin Fairbrother


While working with some friends at a Boy Scout camp at the age of 18 in up state New York, Kevin received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Kevin joined the military the following year and finished this career in 2000. Kevin started ministering with Darrel in 2004; first at the local rescue mission, then at prison revivals, and now regularly with the jail ministry team. Kevin has witnessed more of God’s miracle working power in the last four years of ministry than he has seen in his previous 27 years of being a Christian. The greatest experience is letting God use you and seeing the fruit of His miracles.



Janet Fairbrother   

Janet Fairbrother wanted to see more of the power of God than she was seeing simply going to church. As she read and reread Mark 16:15-18, she knew the Lord had called Christians to go into all the world and that signs would follow those who believed as they obeyed and went. That was when she told Darrel she wanted to minister at the Rescue Mission. She enjoyed ministering so much that a month later she attended a prison revival and shortly thereafter began ministering at the local jail on a regular basis. As the Word promised, she began to see people being set free and receiving healing. She appeared on television with Darrel in 2005 on “God Answers Prayer” and “Spectrum” to encourage other believers to go out into all the world. She says God has taught her more in the last three years of ministering than ever before. Allowing God to use her as a vessel through which He chooses to work, has been an exciting journey with no comparison. She loves to preach the Word and minister to others.

Currently she is overseeing the jail ministry under the direction of Darrel. She is a Board Member of Fury of Faith Ministries and the Secretary/Treasurer.