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FOFM sponsors needy children in the Philippines so that they may attend school and have needed supplies. It also sponsors mission trips for individuals and sponsors children for Christian camps. Camps and trips are funded through one time donations. School children are sponsored by donations from individuals committing to pledge $25 a month for the period of one year. Money is distributed by a FOFM board member to a representative in the Philippines

The cost to sponsor a child is $25 a month. This covers books, tuition, transportation, school uniforms, projects and lunch. All of the money goes to the children; all administrative costs are covered by the ministry. All sponsors will receive a picture and two letters a year from their child. We encourage the sponsors to send a picture and two letters a year also. All correspondence will go through the ministry.

The sponsorship fees can be paid as follows $25 monthly; $75 quarterly; $150 semi-annually; or $300 annually.

                                    Children Needing A Sponsor        



Clarissa Laudato, female, 5 years old.  

Clarissa is the second child of 3 children in the family.  Her
father works as a carwash boy in a nearby shop and his
salary is not enoughmake ends meet.  Her mother stays
at home and is jobless.  Clarissa is in pre-school and
actively participates in class.  Clarissa goes to
church with her grandmother and is a regular Sunday
school attendee.



Tracy Faustino, female, 9 years old.  Tracy is the
eldest of 3 children.  Her father is a house painter
and only has work part time.  Her mother stays at
home and looks after them.  Tracy goes to school
without allowance and has to rush home during recess
to avoid classmates asking her why she is not having


                                   May God Bless you!

To Sponsor a Child 


Fury of Faith Ministries

Send check or money order to:


9512 Woodland Ave. NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112



or pay by credit card