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Month of January 2009 Special Report




On December 9-10, Pastor Darrel Mason of the Fury of Faith Ministries and his wife Sister Beth Mason conducted Pastors and Church leaders conference here in Mindoro Oriental at the Four Square Gospel Church, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro. It was intended for province wide conference but because of the none stop raining all over the province, many of the pastors from different municipalities were not able to come. However despite of the bad weather, many pastor from the municipality of Naujan and Socorro were able to come. There were also Pastors from the Municipalities of Pola, Pinamalayan and Bongabong were able to come and received blessings from the Lord. 

The Lord did many Great and Amazing things in the lives of these pastors and church leaders during and after the conference. The Lord put fresh revelation in the heart of Pastor Darrel Mason to minister to the needs of the local Pastors that greatly impacted their lives that resulted to the big impact in their own local churches and communities. I saw the prophetic anointing in the ministry of Pastor Darrel. His lectures is very simple but powerful and life changing. 

For the past one month after the conference, I visited the pastors who attended the conference and I personally found out how God really bless their ministry. The Ministry of Pastor Joel Mancio is continually blessed by God after he and all of his Pastors, Church leaders and church workers attended the conference. More souls are continually added to the Church. The pastors and workers in his group are very active in the ministry. And recently, Pastor Joel Mancio was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Ministerial Association all over the Province of Oriental Mindoro. And at present, God is continually expanding his ministry in other parts of the country. 

After the conference I saw the strong anointing of Godís Spirit upon his life. Pastor Joel Mancio said, if he didnít come to the conference, half of the success in the ministry, he will be miss. And he added, the pastors that ignore the invitation will be miss half of the success in their ministry.The same anointing I now notice in the lives of the Pastors in the Municipality of Naujan who were able to attend in the conference. They are very active now in the ministry. They now have access in the municipal government. Every Monday morning, they are preaching before all the Municipal employees during their flag raising ceremony. After preaching the gospel to the municipal employees, they go to the office of the Mayor and pray for him. Every Tuesday morning, the members of the Naujan Pastorís Association are preaching the Gospel in the Market place and many listened and responded to the Gospel. According to them, they were set free from all kinds of bondages and God is using them now even in deliverance ministry. The wife of the chairman in the Ministerial Association of Naujan who also a pastor, personally told us that the question in her heart that bothered her for many years has been answered through this Conference that resulted to her total freedom in the done in their lives as the result of the conference.

In my own personal life and ministry, this conference helps me so much. After the conference, Iím seeing that the Lord is using me in a way that I canít do it before. But the success of this seminar is not smoothly happened. It is the result of the great battle.

Prior to the conference, I was serious sick for already thirteen days. When Sister Beth Mason sent her message through text that they are now on the way to Mindoro, Iím still cannot get up from the bed. So I pray hard for Godís miracle of healing to takes place. I got up and went to Calapan city pier to pickup the couple. As we travel from Calapan to Victoria, Iím struggling for my health condition. It seems that I canít able to stay at the conference. When we arrive at the lodging house where Rev. Darrel and Sister Beth stayed, Rev. Darrel prayed for me and for my wife who also suffering asthma. And the Lord gradually healed both of us where we were able to stay in the whole conference. We need to stay in the whole conference because weíre the Conference coordinator. And praise God, since God healed me a day before the conference started, my health condition is okay up to now. 

At the second day of the conference, Pastor Wilfred Rio the team leader of the Naujan Pastors who are attending the conference got serious accident in motorcycle that his right arm up to his breast was broken. The doctor said that it will take a month before he can move his right arm. So what we did was, we pray for Pastor Wilfred while we weíre at the conference. And the miracle happened. Two day after the conference, he was able to move his arm and was able to preach in their worship service on Sunday. Weíre witnessed miracle after miracle took place as the result of this conference. All the Glory and Honor belongs God alone. 

As we the pastors here in Oriental Mindoro personally experience the blessings of God though the conference conducted by Rev. Darrel P. Mason, I am endorsing his Ministry to all Filipino Pastors. Please support Rev. Darrel and the Fury of Faith Ministries. This is a good soil where you can plant your seed and you will reap hundredfold blessing from the Lord.


Pastor Jun F. Falla



Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental   

 Cavite City, Cavite

Governor's Rock

Victoria, Oriental Mindoro